Sunday, 13 March 2016

'Work' or 'Calling'

As I proceed to the main point of the day, may I shed a little light on the logical reason why the majority of people are today de-emphasising the need of being spiritual.

The main work of the spirit is to help an individual person live his/her life in accordance with God's plan for the person, thus fulfil  his/her destiny.
Therefore, common sense should should tell you that no two individual persons can have the same spirit or destiny.
Maybe, as a social animal, for you to work and exist in harmony and collaboration with other people, you do not have to be entangled with your own spirit, and thereby fulfil your purpose or destiny in this life, but rather join forces with other moving forces/team to achieve a collective goal---joining the band wagon or having a crowd mentality. The better you can do that, the better adaptable you are in the world of today.
By doing so, many have lost their purpose, their destiny and are no more living their own lives, but living for others.

God packaged every person with what would make him/her fulfilled, comfortable and have eternal peace. But, woe to you if out of your own accord, you abandon your original self.

One area this ugly trend has affected the generality of mankind adversely is in the fulfilment of duty or loyalty.
Many people are into different work and engagements that are not their calling just to justify their existence, rather than fulfilling their genuine purpose. That brought about the increase in corruption and the decline in professional etiquette we experience at different quarters today.

One thing the spirit helps you do is guide you aright and prevent you from derailing from your root.
An uncontaminated spirit will motivate you into what to take up as work. For that matter, you would love your work and do it with your whole being as it is interwoven with your life and purpose. You would then not cheat or cut corners.
Out of your own volition, you would be loyal to the work.

When you see your work as duty, you are in it to meet your physical needs. Anything can go provided the needs are met. Such work has little or nothing to do with your spirit or eternal values. It is purely a product of your physical thinking (the intellect), and has nothing to do with the intuitive (inner) perception.

When you are loyal to your work, you do it as a calling. You drive joy from doing it irrespective of the benefit because it is fulfilment of life and purpose to you.
Number would mean nothing to you, rather, quality and fulfilment.

That is why I see secret cult as the worst thing that can happen to anyone. It advises people to join destinies and purposes together and pursue a collective course. It promises protection and share in the ultimate goal. But, at the end of the day you would realise to your chagrin that you have abandoned your destiny and purpose to pursue those of the founder(s) under the illusion that yours and theirs are the same; or that some destinies and purposes are more gainful than others.
Lest you forget, number is something to the cultists. They can do anything to win you.

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