Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Origin of Moral Decadence

I said in my last writing that children and animals have soul, but not a functional spirit. And, the spirit is interrelated with the free will.
The spirit of a growing child is made active at a certain stage of its development and maturity. Prior to the time, the best the child can do is to use his imitative instinct as  he can be said to be operating with a dormant spirit.

Around puberty, let us say shortly before it, there is a whole lot of spiritual, transforming and transfiguring changes that take place in the life of every human being. These changes determine the type of individual the maturing person would be as it affects his spirituality and personality through a phenomenon known as generative power.

This power determines the first longing of your virgin spirit as it just set in, what stands as a temptation to it and what it yields to.
It is the power that establishes a person in a certain light, mode of life or influence on this earth, and is almost impossible to change once established. It gives you identity, direction and symbol. It even has a hand in shaping your career path. It is the core you--your liking, thinking, longing, craving, desires, taste etc.

As a developing and maturing child is growing, the soul is by nature protected, especially against evil radiations and streaming. At the stage that the generative power is setting in, it brings along with it the mature spirit and the free will. It is this time that the person involved begins to sense the difference between what is good and evil, and can as well effect a choice of his/her own.

The side to which his/her choice inclines due to the longing of his/her spirit--be it evil or good, takes  hold and direct and dominate the rest and other areas of his/her life throughout his/her existence in this life. The person's life on this earth would be just to nourish, propagate and protect the inclination of life so chosen.

Prior to then, there would have been thousands of cravings, yearnings and gratifications stretching out hand to the individual, but none of them could get hold of the person until the person indicates interest  through his/her spirit or free will. Then and only then would the person attract similar species which would now radiate and stream towards him/her in a way to make him/her saturated with its/their likes.

It is important to note here that if the natural protection or seal that shields the growing child against evil radiations and streaming is broken prematurely mostly by a sexual stimulation or involvement, it makes assorted cravings, yearnings and gratifications to stream into the person and take hold of his/her life beyond his/her immediate control.

Before I gained this knowledge, I used to wonder what a full grown adult could be looking for in the body of a minor as it concerns sexual gratification. Little did I know that those that have gone into covenant with the devil to uphold its kingdom deliberately do such a thing to weaken the spiritual guard of such minors early enough for all manner of evil radiations to stream into them before they are able to make use of their spirit or free will--lest they choose what is right or noble. That is how we get all those strange and weird calibre of immoral, worldly, pleasure-seeking, shameless... individuals moving about today.

I said in one of my writings that the mind, body and soul of the antichrists are wired in such a way that they can not delay gratifications. The above exposition partly explains what I meant.

There are some type of people that their whole being is made in such a way that before they reach 9 or 10 years, they have started falling prey to different temptations and enticement. Such people or families are the first to do anything to protect their family tree--lest they lose the vanity they enjoy, flaunt and share.

They take delight in interbreeding themselves thereby making themselves dominant and prevalent in a given population.
That is why we have high level of moral decadence these days.

No one chooses to generate what is spiritual due to the tempting promptings of the body and flesh.

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