Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Spirit of Antichrist

The underlying reason why people become antichrist is lust and lack of self-control--lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life.

There is this joke I came across that better explains the vain knowledge of some people.
Your mother carried you nine months in the womb, nothing happened to you until you were born alive, complete and bouncing.
All that while, I do not think it was your power neither was it your mother's that kept you and saw you to this earth.
After birth, you grew as a child from infancy to childhood, to adolescence and finally adulthood. Probably, as you were growing, no fatal or disfiguring disease or accident struck you and you did not break either an arm or a leg.
 All of a sudden along the line of your growth and maturity, you began to realise that you need to protect your life by any possible and available means; and that you can make things happen in your own way and time and to your benefit--you can facilitate occurrences, you can speed up things, create happenings and manipulate your way.

There is nothing bad with all these conditions and thinking, only that as it involves the corrupt human mind, it is only directed towards self-aggrandizement and pride of life.

When it seems you do not have the power to make all those things happen as you wish, you are tempted to seek solution from any source provided you have your way. This has made many visit different medicine men and spiritualists. They cannot wait for nature to take its course. They want to create just like God. They want to make things happen.

Nature took its course while you were in your mother's womb, and saw you through to this world. Nature has been taking its course in your life as you grew from infancy to adulthood.
Along the line, it struck your intelligence and sense of reasoning that you can make things happen as and when you want it. You then forget to ask yourself who made things happen while you were in your mother's womb, and who had been making things happen up until it occurred to you that you too can make things happen; and are wise enough to take absolute control and responsibility for what happens in your life and around you.

Another thing unfortunate is that many parents inculcate this type of believe and thinking into their children early enough for it to be parts and parcel of their living.
Woe unto such adults for they shall be held accountable for any life of rebellion or profanity lived by their children and wards as a result of their wrong or forced teachings.

May I state it categorically clear here that anyone who does not allow nature to take its course, who does not allow the will of God to be done in everything, who thinks is intelligent or good enough to chart his own course and manipulate according to his wish and liking, thereby arrogating power, veneration and worship to himself rather than God is an ANTICHRIST.

Antichrist is all about the MIND--what you are thinking, the way you see and live your life through your thought, whether visible or invisible.
Who do you give glory in your heart of hearts?

There are different types of antichrist, but they are so interwoven such that when you are talking about one, it is like you are talking about the others.
Here, I am going to give a summarising rundown of their philosophy and modus operandi, and suffice it to say that it applies to all of them as it concerns their core value.
Before I go on, may I state it here that Americans are very inimical to God due to their intelligence, ability and endowment, and whoever is looking up to them is very likely to copy even that side of them out of pride. What makes people anti-christ is enthronement of intelligence, ability or endowment above nature/God.

Antichrists are always in bondage of their sense of judgement.
Since they see themselves as gods in their own mind eyes, they are always in crisis with their sense of judgement, because, if they judge wrongly, they are definitely going to create wrongly.
As a result, they do not know what is called divine intervention, or an exception to the rule. This has made many of them mad, irrational and has sent some to early grave.

In rejecting God and seeing themselves as the architect of their own lives, antichrists long for something that would take them across the board and give them exquisite feelings of their sense of worth and relevance such as power/authority, sexuality, virility and sensuality.
They want to be found irresistible.

Antichrists are antagonistic to God due to lust, lack of self-control and pride.
They see God's restrictions and injunctions as obstacles because they want to live life to its fullest since they do not believe there is another life after earth. They would rather create opportunities and conditions as and when they want to live the type of live they wish.

The only commandments they may want to keep is those of the medicine men and spiritualists who help them in creating unnatural circumstances.
Many of them inadvertently suffer different levels of tragedies, curses and even death in cases of violation of such rules or commandments.

By accident or design, the body, soul and mind of antichrists are wired in such a way that they find it difficult to delay gratification, instead they would do anything humanly or inhumanly possible to get to what they lust after or desire in life. And regrettably enough, they take delight in inter-breeding themselves in order to propagate such bodies, souls and minds thereby making them dominant and prevalent in a given population.

Antichrist is founded by those who found themselves powerless, though they see themselves wise and intelligent in their own eyes.
They therefore formed a force to fight and question the already existing power. All the already existing power established they want to abolish. If It says go right, they would go left. They explore the left side of life and this gives them a sense of worth rather than following sheepishly.

Woe unto them, they would not know what they are losing until they find themselves in the natural freedom of God which is better experienced than imagined.
Nature is too enormous not to reward those who follow and wait on It submissively. It may seem the antichrists are getting anywhere, but regret is the end result; and by the time they would realise it, it would have been too late.
That is no preaching.

I say it again, life in natural freedom of God is better experienced than been told about.
Antichrists are ardent, but ardent results follow their case.

Action and reaction are equal but opposite.

Forewarned is forearmed!    

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