Sunday, 22 May 2016

In the Underworld

Many a man who call themselves Psychic Scientists have done a great deal of harm to mankind by recklessly experimenting into a region which they have no good knowledge of. This they do by magically putting a physical human being in a trance and magnetically manipulate his soul into the ethereal or spiritual domain--for pleasure, investigative purposes, or in search of a solution/an answer to a particular problem.

Little do they know that what is physical belongs to the physical and can only operate within the periphery of the world of matter with impunity, as against the spiritual or the ethereal plane--unless earned through inner development.

God is light, and oversees from the luminous height.

What is physical and dense belongs to the material world which is closely related to darkness--the opposite of luminous height.

The Almighty creator established the laws governing each plane. Therefore, for one to think that one can transcend the world of matter to another plane in which he or she has no merit--as a result of the inner development, without suffering a form of violation is self-deceit.

Many of such people whose souls are manipulated magnetically into another plane for one reason or another suffer different levels of tragedies and maim, like terminal sicknesses, disfigurements--if not death, whose causes they cannot pinpoint. Some of them get converted due to the strange reaction inherent in the experience and never get themselves back until death.

The laws of creation are so strict and dedicated such that one cannot transgress them and go with absolute impunity.

If one wants to elevate to any height, or explore any plane, it should be on merit of his or her inner development/sanctification towards the desired height or plane. Only that could help him or her connect to the height or plane peacefully and unharmed--as he or she would be viewed as belonged there, rather than connecting what is material, physical and dense, with what is light and invisible.

The kingdom of darkness takes advantage of man's interest in the finer planes of life--even when they do not merit it, to manipulate, confuse and get hold of them for their loyalty. He does this by providing a fake answer to their fantasy in order to validate their expectation and keep them coming for more.

The devil has power over the material world, and he is attracted to it. A good way for him to take control of the earth is through such people who want to connect to the higher side of life while at the physical level. He offers them anything and they take it in good faith because they are neither qualified to recognise the devil, nor able to evaluate what he offers.

If you want to travel to/across any plane, work for it to make yourself approved of it by developing and uplifting your inner state in accordance with where you are going, so that you might be able to negotiate with authority; rather than connecting to what is not physical, at a physical level and through a physical medium i.e connecting to a height which your inner state may not withstand.

It is only by connecting through the right way and form that your protection and success is assured since birds of a feather flock together. Otherwise, what is at your level would attend to your case; and guess what!    

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