Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How to Seduce

This piece is intended to analyse and explain in relative terms the rudiments of seduction as it concerns man in general, so that whenever someone is leading you through the hide-and-seek path, you would be able to recognise the spell, and thereafter decide whether to follow or not.

Regrettably, whenever the issue of seduction is mentioned, most people understand it as a characteristic of the female folks. That is not so, seduction takes place among all classes and calibres of people--between male and female, male and male or female and female; and it is not limited within the periphery of a romantic/sexual relationship, but pervades the entire fabric of human relationship in general.

Most times, the end result is full of regrets and a lot of had-I-known since at least one person is bound to be a victim for a typical seduction to take place.For that reason, I took my time to look into the causes, symptoms and vital ingredients of seduction in order to save some fellows the agony of regret and heartache inherent in it.

No human being is whole and complete. We all feel some things we would have liked to have in our personalities, but unfortunately could not or cannot have. When we say we fall in love, most times, it is with someone who seems to have those things we repress and feel shy to let people know that we would have liked to have but could not have. The process is usually unconscious and spontaneous. When the person who have those things we lack crosses our path and we fall for them, we expect them to understand us and accept us or love us back.

If you are to seduce, you should not leave anything to chance, but rather do your homework very well.
Look at the people around you, forget the social looks they project, and their visible traits. Look behind all that, focus on what they are/could be missing in their inner selves. That is the ingredient of seduction.
To find out those things, pay attention to what they wear, the way they carry themselves, their casual comments, things in their houses, get them to talk retrospectively about themselves especially their past relationships, in all these, they would unconsciously/subconsciously reveal those missing pieces of themselves.

People normally give out signals as to what they lack. They want to feel complete--whether fake or real, and whoever promises that, can control them to an extent. So do they fall victims of seduction--though, they willingly succumb to it.

There are different types of victims of seduction, each of which has a main lack which constitutes the raw material for seduction. Although, the victim may well exhibit the qualities of more than one type.
In identifying the type of victim you are dealing with, be careful not to pay attention to the person's outward appearance. Human beings always like to look differently from their weaknesses and lacks.
Until you identify the correct type of your victim/target, and the emotions he/she represses, you would not be able to seduce them effectively. And, do away with the thinking that other people have the same lacks and repressed emotions as you.

For example, maybe you lack attention. You repress the feeling, and long for it. You then come across someone, and think that by giving the person so much attention you would win his/her heart, without knowing that you are disturbing the person's freedom, and consequently making them uncomfortable.

Never try to seduce someone who is your type. Two of you would be like two puzzles missing the same parts.
In subsequent writings, I will be looking at the different types of victims of seduction.


Any relationship that is based on seduction is malignant, manipulative and most times results in exploitation and/or extortion--be you the seducer or the seduced. It could be likened to trade by barter--you give me this, I give you that. Then, if this should be in the context of a lasting relationship like marriage; would this guarantee that you or I would not need or lack another thing later in the marriage apart from the one/ones we exchanged or fell for? Can you see why we have cases of infidelity--due to lack of contentment in ourselves from the beginning.

That is why I personally advocate for a sound mind that is filled with pure natural vibrations and devoid of clouded subconscious fetishism.
Although, my prayer for everyone is to get what he/she bargains for.

As for me, I would like to be attracted to/by someone who shares my core values and beliefs, such that my union or merging together with the person would be aiming at an inseparable whole that would be difficult to demarcate as instructed by God that two bodies become one; than looking for my opposite to beef up or be beefed up by--in other words complement.

Who amongst us can truly complement the other, and perhaps make him/her complete or full while none of us is complete or full on our own?

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