Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Ex-Witch Reveals Horrifying Details of Growing Up in the Satanic Illuminati

Beth Eckert begins each video teaching explaining how the Lord brought her out of witchcraft, New Age, satanic ritual abuse and more. But now, she's opening up about the details of her testimony.

Eckert's story began before she was even born, with her grandparents embracing the occult secret society behind the Mormon church facade, she says.

Their leader was into "horrific child sacrifice and even child trafficking," Eckert says.

When her grandfather died, Eckert's grandmother became the matriarch of the bloodline and indoctrinated each of her seven children in the ways of the occult.

Eckert says her grandmother believed that what she was doing was good and pure, but in reality, it was all the devil's lies.

Even as an infant, Eckert says she was inducted into the Illuminati/occult. She says she was crowned as the queen of darkness as a baby.

That's when the sexual abuse began. Her own family members claimed it was what God wanted.

"But God did not forsake me even through this. In my crib as I lie sleeping or even waking, Papa would send His angels to sing over me," Eckert says.

By 2 years old, Eckert says she knew she could speak to God.

"Because of my family's belief system, I was told I was a liar and crazy and beaten for it. But that was just the beginning."

Watch the video to see the rest of her story.

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