Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Ideal Child

You are expected to have understood that no two individual persons on this earth have the same spirit.
Everyone has a peculiar spirit that is meant to experience, develop and mature towards a particular direction, according to purpose and predestination.

For that reason, it is spiritually unnecessary for adults (parents and guardians) to expect their children or wards to toe their (parents and guardians) line in order to evade disappointment, or be successful in life.

It is the work of the spirit to direct the child in the area that will be of benefit to its development and existence.

Therefore, it behoves the adults to help the child in ensuring that the glow of the spirit--at the break of maturity, is not contaminated by unwholesome indulgence like sexual activities and unbalanced intellectual development that are not accrued to them. It truncates the function of the spirit.

The early distortion of the spirit makes the child unable to use its intuitive perception which helps it in knowing what is right or wrong, and be able to locate its rightful place in the world of matter.

It is detrimental to allow the children to be involved in certain activities with the full grown adults--the physical or intellectual development of the children notwithstanding. It breaks the balance in their development and consequently leads to inexplicable dissatisfaction or rebellion.

Adults should not allow children to think they have equal rights and privileges with them.
So are boundaries and respect established in the first place.

The best adults could do for the children at the early stage is to nurture their physical body for growth, and educate them mentally as accrue to them.
Overdeveloping them intellectually is capable of creating the illusion that they are equal to grown-ups, which in turn distorts the balance of nature, and is very likely to lead to loss of purpose, destiny or existence.

Children should be nurtured for their purpose to unfold and establish naturally.

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