Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Pleasure in Disguise

Most of us are in terms with who we actually are--our capabilities and natural endowments. Thereafter, we are grateful for them, or jettison them and lose our original selves in a bid to elevate our status, or evolve into a better people.

We do this by discarding our culture, identity and ideology; and disguise ourselves as we would like to be seen and considered--rather than our real selves. This makes us imbibe, fantasise, and idolise whatever or whoever has the tendency of putting us in the desired light, irrespective of the cost or consequences.
That is why some people are obsessed with different kinds of things, activities, places, ways of life, and fantasies such that they begin to lose touch with reality.

Normally, most of us are excited and intrigued by those things that make us different and alien. But, what distinguishes us from the unhealthy ones is the degree of their interest and obsession with such things.
In truth, they feel void inside, and have a strong dose of self-hate which they subconsciously project towards people of the same culture and background around them.
They do not like where they come from--especially their social class--which is usually middle or upper.


They love traveling out; their houses are filled with exotic objects; they fetishise foreign regalia and/or culture; they have rebellious character.

The way to attract and put them under your spell is to appear exotic--like you come from a different background, race, or at least social class (higher).
You can take them for a ride by assuming what makes you exotic--like the type of clothes you wear, the things you talk about, the places you take them, and so on. Make a show of the way you differ from what they are used to. Just a little exaggeration, and they would imagine the rest since they like deceiving themselves.

It is usually difficult to keep them under control, because, whatever makes you exotic and foreign would someday seem ordinary and boring to them; and they would want something more exciting.
Their deep-seated insecurity would always keep you on your toes.

Unlike a normal healthy fellow who is just trapped in a possessive relationship, a boring occupation, or a lonely town--due to circumstances. You can attract such a person with your exotic aura and offer him/her a temporary escape from whatever void he/she feels inside.   

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