Sunday, 5 June 2016

Occult Wisdom I

The women stand for what is negative, passive and tender; while the men stand for what is positive, active and compelling. That depicts the core component of womanhood and manhood respectively.

The occult school of thought therefore stipulates that it is the negative, passive and tender attribute of womanhood that help the women connect with the higher substantiality which  is closely related with the Almighty creator, and from which spirit-germs or souls come to the world of matter through reincarnation--in the womb of a woman.

It stipulates that what makes a real man is the ability and willingness to observe with awe, and protect those feminine characteristics of womanhood in which man on the other hand expresses and propagates himself.

The women are not expected to burden themselves with anything that is manly--be it physically or mentally, as it would adversely affect their ability to attract and radiate across different planes in creation. They are rather duty-bound to protect their fine and delicate feminine characteristics, and as a result sustain the respect and admiration of the men who are expected to express their fitness and ability through them (the women).

It is those qualities that act as a bridge through which souls are attracted to the woman from the higher substantiality--spiritual, ethereal or fine gross matter. If a woman lacks those qualities, she would not be able to attract and harbour healthy souls that are seeking reincarnation and expression. Consequently, such a woman cannot bear children.

If the qualities are only weakened by the woman's involvement in masculine activities and volition, such a woman could still attract souls but not healthy ones--because of her weak radiation. The souls eventually attracted would not even find nourishment in such a woman. This gives rise to children who are liable to illness, lack courage and having distorted wisdom. Consequent female offspring of such a woman would not possess healthy feminine qualities; and the male offspring on the other hand would not possess healthy masculine qualities. Some times, it result in difficult or premature birth. Most individuals so-born are never understood and hardly achieve self-fulfilment in their life time. They mostly end up being barren thereby putting their generation at the risk of extinction--as result of their mother's inability to maintain strong radiation and attraction by remaining totally and exquisitely feminine in their character and activities, and avoiding anything manly. So does a defective generation also begin, which gradually pervade mankind in general.

To correct the anomaly, nations should pay attention to the health and activities of their women/mothers who are the bridges through which her subjects come to life. Therefore, to ensure a healthy nation or generation, the women should be healthy females by avoiding all activities pertain to the men both physically and otherwise, lest they (the women) lose their natural radiation and attraction.


After the male side of the Almighty creator finished recreating the world, HE left behind the head of HIS female side and went up to the sky. The head then became the goddess of the earth. That could be one of the major reasons why the women are very worldly.

Whoever likes the things of the world so much--be you a man or a woman could be inadvertently worshipping the kingdom of women      

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